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Make sure your topic is relevant for our audience and your audience so check out the list of topics below. These are what we generally prefer to write content about.

If there’s a commonality between our content, we’d be delighted to post your content on our MIndmaven Blog and share it across our social channels.

Thought Leadership Guest Blogging Topics We Love to Share

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Writing Guidelines

Your Bio:

Please include a short but informative bio with your content. Try to include a decent headshot if possible. Try to keep your bio to less than 150 words or so and please include a maximum of two back-links.

Content Originality:

We're looking for original content only. Please don't send us anything that's already been published in another location. This will only work against both your website and our own content and we will not post it on our site or share it on our social media channels.

Number Of Words:

We love articles that have some meat to them. Articles that dive deep into the facts of the subject supported by solid research and referring article links and example back-links.

Include Relevant Links:

Your article should cite great resources, such as example case studies and links references from industry authority sites and data. If a link to your own website really fits well, please us it. Just make sure it's ultra-relevant and don't spam us.

Link Backs:

Links and backlinks referring the reader to more authority content and is extremely important as it builds trust, respect and show confidence in your own content and the research you have done. So, please include links where appropriate.

Promotional Content:

We will not accept content that unabashedly promotes you or your brand. Just don't spam US with YOU. Remember, it's never about you.

Why Do We
Provide Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging Is Good For You & It's Good For Us.

Incorporating guest blogging into our MindMavon Digital Marketing Blog has and continues to be a tremendous asset for us. We absolutely love the dynamic it adds to our own blog content and the opportunities if provides to fellow businesses.

By inviting external experts and influencers to contribute via our guest blogging, we're able to bring fresh insights and diverse perspectives to our own audience. This not only elevates our credibility but also establishes us as a go-to source and authority for industry knowledge.

One of the things we truly appreciate is that guest blogging often brings the guests own followers along. This widens our reach and introduces our website to new visitors. It's a win-win situation for both us and the guest blogger as this influx of diverse traffic bolsters our SEO efforts and drives up website engagement and vice-versa.

Moreover, the collaborative nature of guest blogging continues to connect us with some
amazing people. It's opened doors to potential partnerships and collaborations, expanding our network diversity and opportunities.

All in all, welcoming guest bloggers has proven to be a fantastic way to enrich our content, expand our brand's visibility, and cultivate a vibrant community around our MindMaven Business Blog.

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