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Business & Life Q & A Sessions

We freely give our time by attending Q & A sessions where we are asked questions about our experiences in business and life by younger people aged between 16 and 25ish. 

The answers and advice we give are solely based on our own collective personal journeys and the rich tapestry of experiences we as a team have lived through over the past 45-odd years. Families, friendships, road trips, submarines, pawn broking, San Francisco, gemology, autism, Harleys, Nurburgring, depression, Cocoa Beach, homeless in Ibiza, broke more than once, bungees, parachutes, banned from Bermuda, running, buying, merging and selling various businesses and everything in between.

The Q&A takes place either face-to-face arranged with organisations that provide existing youth support services or more recently,  independent remote sessions speaking to both individuals and groups. 

The format is, candid, open, direct and transparent in the answers and advice we give.

We are not qualified mental health professionals nor do we claim to be. We just answer questions and give advice about things that we wish we had known back in the day.

To find out more about booking A Bit of Guidance – Q&A session, please reach out.

The Autistic Entrepreneur.

Podcast - Hosted and managed by Lee O'Carroll.

Live - Around the middle of November 23.

I think the title says it all. I’m an entrepreneur and a high-functioning autistic person.

The Autistic Entrepreneur podcast (The AE) is something I have wanted to do for quite a while. It’s only now that I feel comfortable, confident and proud to have a go at it and see where it takes me.

I’ve lived with various forms of mental health challenges all my life, while professionally having grown, acquired, merged, failed and sold multiple businesses from start-ups to 7 figure, 400+ staff businesses.

Previously, I have suffered from social anxiety disorder (SAD), low self-esteem, and imposter syndrome and I live with depression, although I think I’ve been in good form for quite a while now. 

You would have to ask my family and friends what the actual reality is on this score though 🙂




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