Business Workplace Culture | Learn The Inside Out Strategy.

What is an inside out business Workplace culture?

The Inside Out Business Workplace Culture Strategy is where the owners and leaders of a business understand that an amazing workplace culture will have a direct impact on their customer experience. 

An inside Out Business Workplace Culture Strategy works on the premise that if you have a happy, productive, focused and aligned workforce, these attributes and values are reflected in the experience of the company’s customers. 

achieving a Great customer Experience begins with A Positive Business Workplace culture.

When your employees have a great internal experience, it will be echoed in how they treat your customers. 

When your whole business team is aligned with your company values, goals, and it’s mission, you will have a cohesive, proactive and positive approach to customer service, which becomes a powerful part of your business and it’s brand. 

Employee engagement is not about employee benefits or bonuses, it’s about being part of a successful business.

your employees experience becomes your customer experience.

Smart business leaders understand how their customers feel before, during and after they engage with their business. They take the time to setup processes and measurements that provide consistent metrics on exactly how their customers are being treated.

With such a huge dependency on positive reviews, brand advocacy, customer loyalty, referral and word of mouth, the experience your customer has and leaves with, when dealing with your organisation can have a huge positive or negative impact on your business.

your Customer experience should be a direct reflection of your workplace culture.

Your company culture should reflect exactly how you want your customers to feel when they interact with your business team. Delighted, secure, cherished, respected, energised, satisfied. 

When employees are happier at work, their performance, energy, creativity and wellbeing improves across the board. They will engage more, bring more value to their day to day job and they will talk about their job to friends and family in a positive light, eventually becoming strong brand ambassadors.

an inside out business workplace culture. employee stats

An inside out Business Workplace culture can significantly improve your businesses bottom line.

A well known fact, but one that is invariably ignored by owners and senior management is that a happy and more engaged workforce is more cost effective for the business. It has nothing to do with paying less, infact people in positive workplace cultures generally earn above average.

 No, it’s about productivity, multitasking and increased skill sets that end up lifting the business into a higher operating gear. 

Positive workplace cultures drive innovation and out of the box thinking and are better at inter-departmental project leadership and execution. 

Typically and as you would expect, this positive workplace culture ends up contributing to improved business performance. much lower staff turnover, solutions appear quicker and clock watching stops, giving way to a more positive, cohesive and solution orientated business team.

> 41% reduction in employee absenteeism – Gallup

> 21% of companies with a highly engaged workforce are upto 21% more profitable – Gallup

> 73% of employees would consider leaving their jobs for a better offer – Insider

> 85% of employees are generally not engaged in the workplace – Gallup

create the opportunity that invariably change brings.

Great company culture starts and ends by harnessing and driving change, change that is in constant alignment with the company’s vision, it’s mission and it’s values. 

Like throwing a stone in to still water, a great culture ripples far and wide, touching employees and customers alike.

Changing workplace culture for the better, daring to be different, taking the leap and creating the opportunity that invariably change brings, to stand up, jump up, to welcome the chance to be unlike others, the chance to improve, the chance…

Employee Sentiment - Take a reality check.

What Is Employee Sentiment?

Sadly, employee sentiment is for many businesses remains an unknown concept. Something that is so easy to comprehend but far to easily dismissed as just some big idea for big apple and google sized companies. The reality couldn’t be more different.

Take a reality check and conduct employee sentiment and workplace culture surveys. You can change anything until your clearly understand what the core problems are.

So what exactly is employee sentiment?

It’s how people feel about every aspect of their job.

Can you change employee sentiment?

Once you understand it, learn how to measure it and learn the techniques that will improve it, then yes, you can 100% change it.

To be amazing.

If you are the owner and or part of the senior management team and you want the business to perform better, improving the working environment for your employees is one sure fire way to achieving this.

If that’s not a good enough reason then think of it as simply the right thing to do, which it is.

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