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Client Services

OUR Three main website design services

Professional Website Design and Build

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

eCommerce Website Design and Build

Commercial Website Design and Build

We create beautiful, commercially effective, user-friendly websites that are designed and built to provide a return on your investment.

Properly structured design, intuitive customer journeys and technically optimised websites that generate new leads, better conversions and increased client revenue.

eCommerce Website Design and Build

We specialise in creating captivating online eCommerce website stores that drive sales. We combine aesthetics with functionality to craft modern, responsive eCommerce sites.

From build eCommerce websites with rich design that showcase your product portfolio. We build simple multi product solutions to fully customised third party integrated custom builds eCommerce websites.

Custom Website Design and Build

Your company logo serves as a point of recognition for clients and a significant foundation for your branding. Get a custom logo design that conveys your brand identity, professionalism and trustworthiness.

At Fanatical we offer logo design creation and logo redesign services at a competitive price.

Free Website Health Check Report

A website health check report is a comprehensive assessment of a website that evaluates its performance, functionality, security, and overall effectiveness.

The website health check report provides analysis of website load times, device responsiveness, google search ranking, on-page SEO, technical SEO, security, links and backlinks, IP hosting analysis, analytics & tracking codes and overall website performance scoring.

Website Maintenance, and Security Services

Regular site maintenance is crucial to ensure your website is running at full capacity.

At Fanatical, we conduct scheduled site checkup and maintenance and gap analysis to determine your website's key aspects that need improvement.

Using the analytics results, we develop strategies to enhance your site security, boost your traffic and optimise your page experience.

Page Structure and Speed Optimisation

Website’s device-responsiveness and load times are critical.

We perform domain audits, run crawl error reports, conduct page speed optimisation, check broken links and optimise your website for device responsiveness.

We ensure all your web pages are structured for search engine spiders and online users.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO web design company optimises your web content, writing SEO optimsed website content and descriptive image SEO alt attributes.

We follow W3C standards, use link building to improve your domain authority and ensure your site navigation is UX and search engine-friendly. These practices are crucial in boosting your search rankings.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Website Design Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is used to drive your website visitors to the bottom of the sales funnel.

We optimise website speed, eliminate unnecessary form fields, places clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and simplify your website page navigation hierarchy . conduct a thorough technical website audit and analysis, fixing and optimising backend coding and url errors.

Free Website Hosting Backups and Updates

We are official partners off Siteground and WP-Engine and are able to offer an extensive range of hosting plans.

Our website hosting packages include a full suite of secure hosting plans, domain management tools, Linux services, cloud storage plans, national and international CDN, Single and Multi Server Hosting.

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Website Design
Pricing Guide

Our website design and brand strategy pricing starts at £479 for a professionally designed brochure style website to tens of thousands for a fully integrated, custom designed enterprise level website with dozens of pages, bespoke coding, eCommerce, audience profiling, customer journey mapping, analytics and much more.

Our services can be engaged as once off project agreements, monthly rolling agreements as well as 90 and 180 day agreements.

Our low cost website design start off costs reflects the needs of our clients and ensures that our deep understanding and expert capabilities of social media and creative design services are accessible to all our clients, irrespective of size or revenue.

Professional Business Website Design From £479 +VAT

Enterprise Level Custom Websites From £1299 +VAT

eCommerce Website Design & Integration from £699+VAT
SEO Optimised Copywriting
From £139 +VAT

Search Engine Optimisation From £329+VAT

Brand Strategy And Design From
£479 +VAT

Website Design Principles.

Clear, Intuitive Navigation
Consistent Branding
Strategic Use of White Space
Fast Loading Speeds
Mobile Responsiveness
High-Quality Imagery
Call-to-Action (CTA) Placement
Colour and visual Psychology
Accessibility and Inclusivity
Security and Maintenance

Website Design Process

Websites Designed For Growth

Design Discovery

This is the initial phase of the design process where we gather information about your goals, target audience, and project requirements.

It involves research, brainstorming, and exploration to uncover ideas and inspirations that will shape the overall website design and it's commercial outcomes.

Website Wireframing

Creating the skeletal outline of your website layout, structure, and functionality of the interface.

Wireframing helps to plan and communicate the basic elements and user flow of the final website design before the visual aesthetics are added.

Draft Design

Draft design refers to the initial visual representation of a website or application. It involves translating the wireframe into a more polished and detailed visual design.

Colour schemes, typography, imagery, and basic visual elements are implemented at this stage.

Website Development

Implementing the functional elements and features of your business website. Coding, programming, and integrating various components such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and databases to create a fully functioning website.

Development includes front-end and back-end programming, database management, visual creation, and integrity testing.

Content Creation

Producing compelling and informative content that attracts and engages visitors.Written text, images, videos, and other multimedia for each website page.

Content creation includes organising information, optimising content for search engines, and ensuring it aligns with the website's goals and target audience.

Test and Release

Testing and release are crucial stages in the website development process.

Testing involves evaluating the functionality, usability, and performance of the website to ensure it works as intended and provides an optimsed user experience.

Tracking analytics codes are also inserted into your website at this stage.

WordPress Website Design

Build A Custom Website That Reflects Your Brand

The WordPress market share is by far the largest worldwide. Statistics show that 59.4 percent of all websites globally utilize WordPress as a content management system (CMS). WordPress powers nearly 35 percent of the internet and is also responsible for the additional 1.1 million domain registrations every six months.

These numbers are not surprising given WordPress’ user-friendly and easy-to-update CMS. With WordPress, you can log in to your website and make immediate changes. It also offers numerous plugin, support and security options to help website owners create a seamless user experience.

Custom Website Design

Establish Your Authentic Brand Identity With A Personalised Website

Fanatical Media's custom web design service caters for businesses that demand a highly customisable and bespoke online presence. Our custom website design capabilities include: multi-language support, gated content, secure payment gateways, css / html /react dev, custom front end dev, multi-user login and account serving, full API and web hook integration, database build and interrogation, precise UX persona journeying and much much more.

We perform in-depth site analysis, competitor benchmarking and audience analysis to identify your unique selling points (USPs) and determine your website’s clear conversion path.

eCommerce Website Design

Establish Your Authentic Brand Identity With A Personalised Website

The design and functionality of your eCommerce website design could make or break conversions and significantly affect your bottom line. An eCommerce site has several layers of functionality that aren’t on standard websites, including a web server to host a storefront, payment processing, an inventory database and a complicated dispatch system used to send products.

Fanatical Internet Marketing Agency has designed top quality eCommerce sites for more than a decade. We partner with clients to develop a high-functioning eCommerce website that drives sales quickly, easily and efficiently. Learn how our digital marketing experts can help you increase ROI with a fresh, innovative eCommerce website design.

5 Keys to Expert Web Design

Years of experience in building websites have taught us that to build a superior website for our clients that positions them above the competition, we need the following ingredients:

1. Visual Appeal

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Are your site visitors saying WOW! or OW!? when they see your site for the first time? People make immediate decisions about the credibility of your company, brand and products when they see your website. As a business owner, you must ensure your web design captures your target audience’s attention and entices them to explore your website.

2. Ease of Use

If your site can’t be easily navigated and your valuable content can’t be easily found, then your users will go elsewhere. Don’t let this be the case. At Thrive, we work hard to plan and build intuitive, simple and easy to navigate websites. We want our users to feel like everything is right where they expect it to be.

3. High-Quality, Optimised Content

Investing in beautiful website design and neglecting the content is like buying a car without an engine. A superior website has compelling and concise content with clear CTAs. When you work with us, our website design experts work closely with you to ensure your site content is well-written, search engine-optimized and created with clear business objectives in mind.

4. Conversion of Visitors into Customers

Early on in the planning process, we determine what a “conversion” or CTA looks like for your website. It could be to submit a lead form, make a phone call or purchase a product. We then keep that goal in mind for the entire process, from design and coding to content writing. We want your website to be the primary tool for growth in your company.

5. Traffic Growth Over Time

At Thrive, we want to see your new website rise to the next level. To do that, we need lots of quality traffic. Our WordPress web design agency works with you to establish an ongoing internet marketing plan that includes SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and more.

Website Design Services FAQs

The timeframe it takes to complete website design will vary based on the size of the website (number of pages) and the type of design required and if special effects or unique development aspects are required. What is essential to account for is the preparation period during which wireframes are built, the back and forth between the design and development team and final revisions and edits.

A website is a critical part of every business. We understand that every business is different and that for some businesses, a well design, professional 4 page brochure style website is all that it required and all that they can currently afford. Our starter brochure style website design package provides a professional, seo friendly website solution without breaking the bank.  

A website redesign is a worthwhile exercise if you want your website to meet the needs of your site visitors. Superior user experience results in your user will easily navigate and discover your website the way you intended. To ensure your website is built for user experience and remains relevant, you may need to consider a design update. The process includes an analysis of functionality, understanding of your current users and potential visitors, a competitor analysis, establishing goals, updating SEO strategy and optimizing the site with responsive design.

Responsive design is a method that’s fast becoming the norm. It is website design that scales to display on different devices regardless of their size or screen. This means your content on the site is always clear and optimized for user experience no matter the device your user is viewing the website on. It’s a way to make websites look great on both desktops and mobile devices without requiring a separate mobile site. See some responsive websites we’ve created for clients.

It is website design that accounts for search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. A website designer should create the site with SEO in mind so a digital marketer can optimize the site. In this way the website acquires increased traffic and will rank well on search engine results pages. Google crawls and indexes all websites and those optimized for search will enjoy a better ranking and higher domain authority.

This differs for different parts of your website. For instance, your content you can update as regularly as you feel suits your brand and messaging. Customers enjoy new, fresh content so you need to simply establish the frequency of your updates. Most websites have a blog page and this is where new, relevant content can be added to your website and most brands post weekly updates. If your content is optimized your organic search ranking will improve too. When you consider your security and functionality on your website, you usually have to update these every couple of months. Or when a new feature is required to ensure your website is compliant with search engines.To establish the frequency of these updates speak with your design and development team. They will check the health of your site and ensure all links and functionality are working correctly.

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